VFX stands for Visual Effects, and involves the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would not be captured easily in film. This VFX are the effects done in the post-production stage; it is generally used as digital technology. This is a digital technology with moving images from a camera and creative industry. It affects a spectacular impact on digital technology through a big screen. VFX can create the live scenes shown in films and video, with the help of CGI (computer-generated imagery or computer graphics), which is used in creating video games, sci-fi movies, television shows, and characters. It won’t be wrong to say that there is a massive scope of VFX in India today.

VFX, virtual reality, is known for its impeccable immersive experience. The importance of visual effects is transporting users to a different world altogether is indeed an art. In all possibilities, these experiences could be the future of entertainment, and it is a longer path that can be achieved. The basic need for VFX is technology and imagination; it has five categories in the VFX course, such as character animation, simulation FX, 3D modeling matte, Roto Scope, painting, composting, digital sculpting, and much more. All of these provide a gateway to a world of visuals and animation platforms to enter into different fields having huge scope of VFX in India.

For a young mind planning to enroll in the VFX course in Pune, Arena Animation Tilak Road is the best institute for you. The course designed assists you with extra knowledge and meets industry requirements. Some of the career opportunities open for you –

  • Layout Artist

You will be creating templates and transforming the script and storyboard into the visuals as a part of the pre-production and pre-visualization process.

  • Compositing Artist

You will ensure seamlessness between the live-action and the VFX. You will be merging visual effects with the background that gives no disturbance.

  • Lighting Artist

You will be illuminating the perfect amount of light for every scene. Understanding the behavior of visual effect lights with the real-world is essential.

  • Roto Artist

You will be tracing points and areas of CG meeting real life. It is a foundation for VFX, as these are the source point for the compositors.

  • Matte Painter

Turning references from photographs, sketches, and paintings into beautiful tapestries are the magic of Matte Painter.

From the perspective of today’s arena, visual effects play a very important role in featuring movies, animation, and almost all forms of big-screen entertainment. The Visual effects(VFX) is a demanding career which teaches you all feature of visual effects, their creation and including effects in films, advertisements, TV shows, games, etc. A career in VFX is the best choice for the aspirants who want to pursue visual technology as their career. VFX can be mainly used in different sectors, such as in the fields of mobile gaming, app development, advertisements, marketing, manufacturing, OTT, 3D printing, and in many more fields.

Work opportunities and scope of VFX are for related professionals and quality providers, which exists both in the private sector as well as in the public sector. It itself contains a huge capacity to make the future bright. While the scope of VFX is great in our country, based on the latest trend, it will rise steadily increasingly.


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