How fascinating it looks watching a dragon flying in the movie and spaceship hovering in the space! But, have you ever wondered how come these unrealistic items are shown in the film?  If they are unrealistic, how do they manage to be in motion so smoothly?

The intriguing it looks, the complex and professional it is! And the answer to the above questions is – VFX.  Also known as Visual effects, it can be described as an imagery creation or other moving media which can be manipulated to enhance any film. In other words, we can say that VFX is the combination of this manipulated imagination and the actual footage to create realistic looking environments that cannot take place while shooting the live-action for the context. The reason that these realistic-looking environments are created is that either they are too dangerous to film or shoot, or such situations and environments don’t exist. Therefore, the professionals use computer-generated imagery (CGI), and VFX software to create and develop these environments. The VFX professionals have to communicate with the directors and the cinematographers of the movie or the film to identify and determine the requirement of scenes to be shot with green screens.

However, the scope of this art of transforming imagination in an impossible moment from a pre-recorded video or isn’t just restricted to movies making records in Bollywood or Hollywood, but it is also used in the regional commercials, television, industries, broadcasting series, advertising,  and architecture. It must also be noted that the VFX (Visual effects) and special effects are two separate terms and features. Visual effects or VFX are usually applied after shooting, whereas Special effects or SFX are realized on set like fake gunshot wounds, controlled purposeful explosions.

If you find these effects exciting and desire to try your hands on it, you will need to master the VFX designing. Enroll yourself with Arena Animation for the VFX course in Pune that will allow you to understand the VFX film-making production. You will be given the insights of the industry and will be trained to be a VFX professional by the experienced and certified faculty of the Arena Animation, having ample expertise in game development. The course is designed as per industry and market requirements, which will assist you in storytelling.

Highlights of the course

  • The modules cover from pre-production to 3D and VFX Post Production.
  • Industry-centric curriculum for quality placement
  • Training on the latest software and tools
  • Workshops and intellectual interaction for industrial exposure.
  • Access to an e-learning platform Onlinevarsity, As a student of Arena Animation
  • Access to Creosouls to showcase your portfolio as a student of Arena Animation.
  • The instant student loan facility, which is open for our young VFX professional to fund their studies.

So if you dream and aspire to be a VFX professional, you need a mentor to master and hone your skills. Arena Animation has it all under one roof. So don’t miss the chance and enroll today.


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