The students and We attended the TASI Event 2023 Animation and VFX the animation society of India, the event included sessions by various artists from the industry who came to share their valuable knowledge and experience with us. There were 4 main sessions which dealt with 4 different aspects of our industry.

TASI Event 2023 Animation and VFX in The first session was conducted by Aditya Chari who is a renowned illustration artist. This session specially grabbed everyone’s attention as the speaker explained his journey while making a live digital painting. We could understand his process in depth by seeing what he is creating. What the students learned from this particular session was the amount of research required to reach such a level and the amount of study that has to be done to achieve this kind of process.

Mr Aditya Chari encouraged the students by saying, “What you make is what you observe, so never stop your observation.” For all the students who are aspiring to be digital artists and have attended this event have at least some idea of how the colors should be used. This is because the speaker showed his knowledge via his work and shared his approach to digital art.

The second speaker that made his appearance was Santosh Sawant. His main criteria were to make the students understand how animation and real-life correlate and the students as animators can create using the real world. His expertise lies in stop-motion animation and framing. The speaker wanted to focus students’ attention on his process of working on a project. Hence he showed multiple projects he worked on and the process of their making. The students now had a greater idea of how to work with different elements around them and create their own little animation film.

After lunch when everyone settled back inside the auditorium, Mr Saumin Patel took to the dias to explain the comic industry in India. This speaker particularly was very interactive with the audience and showed how little emotions in our lives matter when we try to portray them via art. He started with his beginning years and the rough work that he did. It was much easier to connect because the artist just didn’t show off his high-quality work but started with the mediocre drawings he made when he enrolled in JJ School of Arts. The level of progression in his art was shown when he explained the level of dedication and hard work he showed in his working days. We could see how passion can drive an artist to perfection and quality.

The students were pulled by his process and I hope they achieve the same level of dedication to get greater things in life.

The fourth and last speaker was Mr. Vaibhav More, who dealt more with ideas and their implementation in marketing strategies for design. The presentation of various ads and the amount of logic that was used in the creation of those ads were explained thoroughly by the speaker. He also made the students understand the importance of open-source software like Blender as he himself encourages the studios to use more open-source software.

Students Feedback 

Yash Nagarkar

Being a design graduate, I did not have much experience of the animation industry. The event changed this perspective and allowed me to know a lot of how things work and how I can grow as an artist in the right direction.

Yash Naikwad

Overall, it was a great event. I was highly inspired as an artist by all the speakers that we were able to interact with. I would like to attend many such events in the coming future.

Manish Satpute

It was a wonderful experience as the speakers shared their knowledge and experience in the field of animation. TASI was a non-profitable event, hence I admire the fact that the speakers took a precious part of their schedule and dedicated it for us students.

Yashraj Patil

I thank all my teachers who encouraged me to attend this event. I received a whole lot of experience as all the support and information that the speakers provided is going to be beneficial for me. Through such events, I believe that I can learn many new things and experience the world of animation.

Shivraj Dhage

I have definitely learnt a wealth of information from the speakers at the event. I felt that this experience is going to help me fulfill my passion for animation.

Darshit Oswal

We saw the working process of the speakers, and I was so amazed to see the level of quality and time that the speakers gave to completing their art. I got to know how much I need to boost my work and upgrade it.

Ajinkya Dhopte

The event mainly consisted of sessions from 4 different speakers from the field of animation. The speakers were very talented and experienced and I feel that their experience will surely guide me in my journey of understanding the animation industry.

 Juei Pathak

I would like to thank the faculty of Arena Animation for giving us the opportunity to attend this event. I was left speechless after looking at the work of all the speakers of the event. We learned what to do and what not to do while entering the industry via this event. Overall it was an amazing experience.


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