What after 12th? This is the question which is frequently asked to the students who are studying in 12th. Getting a degree in a good stream is the obvious answer. But only degree or a degree which will gear up the career? Obviously a career oriented degree – then getting an Animation Degree is the best choice for that matter.

As we are getting into the advanced digital world, there are numerous doors of new opportunities coming up. Animation is far ahead in this list. It gives the most unique career choice and students can join Animation courses after 12th with any stream like science, commerce or Arts. Arena Animation Tilak Road Pune offers a variety of courses in animation after 12th and even you can opt for Animation degree after 12th to boost your career.

From movies to TV to business promotions or advertisements Animation is the most demanding need of every industry.

If we go through product advertisements or games now a days it break the myth that Animation is equal to movies or cartoons only. There is a huge demand of animators in each and every industry. For that purpose if you get an Animation Degree from a reputed institution then there will be a red carpet for you in this industry or you can opt for variety of short term or long term courses available.

Animation course choices after 12th:

As an individual, we have to choose correct options and make decisions in our life. Out of those, picking a correct career alternative is one of the most significant decisions for the students to make in their life after 12th. There are various professional career choices available for students to make a good career choice. Right now, will are talking about Animation as a career alternative or Animation courses after 12th. A proper professional Animation Degree is available for students if they want to choose Animation as their full time career.

There are also heaps of animation courses list accessible in India which you can pick as per your interest and convenience. The animation industry is getting exceptionally famous in India and now students are considering it a genuine calling.

As far as Arena Animation is considered beside Animation Degree they have range of short term and long term courses available.

The most crucial question remains the same!

Students should go for Animation Degree or not and why?


Why Animation Degree?

Once you enroll for Animation Degree the door of opportunities is opened for you. This degree course not only offers personal development but also it gives professional development. If we list out the benefits of Animation degree for that matter we can list some main benefits as:

  • Increased job opportunities:

As you get enrolled to Animation Degree course the kind of technical and knowledge superiority you earn which creates more demand of you in market as an Animator.

  • Long lasting benefits in career:

As it always seen many big agencies or production houses prefer graduates over certificate holders in Animation. Hence those having degree in Animation will get preference by their employers.

  • Satisfaction of work:

While doing job or any business work satisfaction is more important otherwise it will be only stressful journey. Animation Degree will get you those skills which will give satisfactory and proud feeling throughout your professional life.

  • Job security:

Students having Animation degree have more job security as compare to short or various other courses.

Why Arena Animation Tilak Road is best choice?

While talking about study options in animation we should see why Arena Animation Tilak Road is the best choice to get Animation Degree after 12th?

Yes, it is indeed the best choice for students because beside the courses which have their own benefits Arena Animation Tilak Road also provides:

  • Hands-on useful preparing utilizing most recent softwares, tools and programming
  • Skilled teachers and helpful staff
  • Introduction to industry collaboration and workshops
  • Job placement assistance
  • Help in getting student loan if needed
  • All round help in developing good portfolio


When we know Animation can be the best degree option after 12th Arena Animation at Tilak Road will be the best institutional choice for students.


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