VFX Film Making


Visual effects (VFX) create special effects used in movies, television shows, commercials, music videos, etc. VFX artists work closely with directors, producers, editors, and other departments to bring their ideas to life. They can take simple images, characters, props, sets, and environments and turn them into something extraordinary.

A career in visual effects (VFX) video creation is the way to go if you want to get your message across to your audience. Visuals are what make videos stand out from the crowd. They can help tell a story that would otherwise be difficult to convey. This includes adding characters and objects that would otherwise be impossible to shoot live.

Why VFX?

VFX is a field that has been around since the early days of filmmaking. However, it was only after the advent of computer-generated imagery that it became much more prevalent in filmmaking. Today, VFX is used in almost all films and television shows.

Visual effects allow you to create videos from still images using high-quality graphics, animation, transitions, and text overlays. Visual effects can be used to create any type of marketing material, including corporate films, training materials, product demos, presentations, and much more.

There are many different types of visual effects, including compositing, rotoscoping, keying, matte painting, etc. Some examples include creating the illusion of fire, smoke, water, wind, and dust. VFX artists are responsible for making sure that everything looks realistic in videos and other forms of media.

Visual effects, if done correctly, can give a seamless illusion of live-action filming. This includes everything from creating the impression of a character being in two places at once to simulate a car crash without actually having any stuntmen involved. Visual effects are those special effects that can only be achieved through photography, editing, and other visual techniques.

In modern times, visual effects have become much more sophisticated. Nowadays, we can simulate anything possible in real life, including creating characters that look like they are moving even though they’re not or creating objects that appear out of thin air.

Career Opportunities in VFX

The career path in this industry can vary from working for a major studio as a visual effect artist to being self-employed and running your own business. You can work as VFX Compositor, VFX designer, Rotomation artist, and a 3D asset artist for different projects. Once you gain some experience, you can move into a position of a visual effects supervisor and later on the move to the position of a visual effects producer.

Final Thoughts

Visual effects specialization is undoubtedly an impressive skill to have in your arsenal for adding special effects to make movies look realistic. The importance of visual effects can not be understated.

If you want to work in the entertainment industry as a VFX designer, it’s important to choose the right course that will cater to you in various areas of visual effects. Arena Animation Tilak Road offers one of the best VFX courses in Pune that can fulfill your dreams of movie-making.

How fascinating it looks watching a dragon flying in the movie and spaceship hovering in the space! But, have you ever wondered how come these unrealistic items are shown in the film?  If they are unrealistic, how do they manage to be in motion so smoothly?

The intriguing it looks, the complex and professional it is! And the answer to the above questions is – VFX.  Also known as Visual effects, it can be described as an imagery creation or other moving media which can be manipulated to enhance any film. In other words, we can say that VFX is the combination of this manipulated imagination and the actual footage to create realistic looking environments that cannot take place while shooting the live-action for the context. The reason that these realistic-looking environments are created is that either they are too dangerous to film or shoot, or such situations and environments don’t exist. Therefore, the professionals use computer-generated imagery (CGI), and VFX software to create and develop these environments. The VFX professionals have to communicate with the directors and the cinematographers of the movie or the film to identify and determine the requirement of scenes to be shot with green screens.

However, the scope of this art of transforming imagination in an impossible moment from a pre-recorded video or isn’t just restricted to movies making records in Bollywood or Hollywood, but it is also used in the regional commercials, television, industries, broadcasting series, advertising,  and architecture. It must also be noted that the VFX (Visual effects) and special effects are two separate terms and features. Visual effects or VFX are usually applied after shooting, whereas Special effects or SFX are realized on set like fake gunshot wounds, controlled purposeful explosions.

If you find these effects exciting and desire to try your hands on it, you will need to master the VFX designing. Enroll yourself with Arena Animation for the VFX course in Pune that will allow you to understand the VFX film-making production. You will be given the insights of the industry and will be trained to be a VFX professional by the experienced and certified faculty of the Arena Animation, having ample expertise in game development. The course is designed as per industry and market requirements, which will assist you in storytelling.

Highlights of the course

  • The modules cover from pre-production to 3D and VFX Post Production.
  • Industry-centric curriculum for quality placement
  • Training on the latest software and tools
  • Workshops and intellectual interaction for industrial exposure.
  • Access to an e-learning platform Onlinevarsity, As a student of Arena Animation
  • Access to Creosouls to showcase your portfolio as a student of Arena Animation.
  • The instant student loan facility, which is open for our young VFX professional to fund their studies.

So if you dream and aspire to be a VFX professional, you need a mentor to master and hone your skills. Arena Animation has it all under one roof. So don’t miss the chance and enroll today.

Visual effects or VFX have taken the viewing experience to another level. Today, movies, shows or advertisements are incomplete without visual effects, which showcase extraordinary visuals to the audiences and create an immersive experience.

In recent times, it is VFX that was behind the mammoth success of movies like Avengers and shows like Game of Thrones. This clearly indicates that viewers love VFX. So, every show maker or filmmaker is keen on integrating VFX. In such a scenario, there is a huge scope for proficient VFX designers. Furthermore, VFX specialists receive decent remuneration for their work. One can seize innumerable opportunities of the field by pursuing VFX course after 12th.

Today, several colleges offer VFX design course to train the aspirants on end-to-end VFX design. However, the aspirants should pursue the course from a reputed institute that develops a clear understanding of the field and offers hands-on experience of various tools. One such institute is Arena Animation.

Arena Animation’s VFX course

Arena Animation is a reputed institute of the country that offers diverse courses in game design & development, VFX design, animation, UX/UI design, etc. It offers VFX course that trains the candidates to become VFX specialists. It teaches all the fundamentals of VFX design and trains the candidates to exploit the most advanced tools and techniques.  Arena Animation offers two types of VFX courses:

VFX Prime

VFX Prime course trains individuals to add captivating Visual Effects to advertisements and TV productions. The course gives complete training to the candidates from building their fundamentals to providing knowledge of VFX tools and techniques. This comprehensive course trains the candidates of VFX filmmaking, green/blue screen, 2D & 3D animation, color correction, audio-video editing, simulation and dynamics.  Candidates also learn VFX techniques such as roto-painting, camera tracking, composting, rotoscopy, keying, etc. In addition to that, candidates get hands-on experience in design software and tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Maya, Inkscape, Openshot, Nuke, Silhouette, Adobe Photoshop Extended, etc. On completion of the course, the candidates would receive certificate in ACVP-Visual Effects, ACVP-Advanced 3D Animation, ACVP-Design and Visualization.

VFX Film Making

This course is for those who wish to enter the film industry.  It is an all-inclusive course that covers modules from the pre-production stage to VFX to post-production stage of VFX. This course facilitates individuals to comprehend VFX film making and the whole production process including 3D and VFX production. From building concepts to adding visual effects to enhance storytelling, candidates learn effective VFX design in the course. The course includes modules on character design, visual scripting, graphics & illustrations, FX and simulation, matte painting, audio-video editing, time remapping, rotoscopy, composting, wire removal, color correction, digital sculpting, 2D & 3D animation, digital printing, etc.  It offers hands-on experience of design tools and software such as Natron, Maya, Adobe Photoshop Extended, OpenShot, Mocha, Maya, Houdini, etc.  On completion of the course, candidates will become Arena Certified Specialist in CGI and VFX for Films.

Benefits of Arena’s VFX course

There are several benefits of pursuing VFX course after 12th from Arena:

  • The course is based on the needs of the industry. Thus, it makes the candidates job-ready.
  • It offers hands-on training of VFX design tools and software.
  • It is a comprehensive course that teaches right from the basics of VFX design to use of advanced VFX techniques.
  • The candidates are taught through live projects.
  • It facilitates the candidates to create a portfolio in their area of interest.
  • Candidates gain industry exposure through workshops.
  • Students get access to Onlinevaristy, which is an e-learning platform.
  • Arena also allows its students to access Creousals, a platform where they can create their portfolio.

When reality meets and blends with the imagination, VFX begins.

The demand for VFX has been rising relentlessly with the production of movies and television shows set in fantasy worlds with imaginary creatures like dragons, magical realms, extraterrestrial planets and galaxies, and more. Visual FX helps transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.

VFX course
Arena Animation – VFX course

Arena Animation – Tilak Road is the Authorized training center of Foundry to teach VFX using NUKE.   Nuke®, NukeX® and Nuke Studio® offer cutting-edge toolkits for node-based compositing, editorial, and review. The Nuke family’s unparalleled flexibility and collaborative workflows help you get the highest quality results—fast.

Reach of VFX Industry in India

The VFX industry is estimated to grow at the rate of 17.2 percent over the next 4 years to reach a size of 131.7 billion, driven by a steady 9.5 percent growth in animation and a 25 percent growth in the VFX segment. India has evolved in terms of skillset which has helped local & domestic studios work for Global Visual FX projects. The Visual FX Industry is expected to hire about 2,500-3,000 personnel in the coming year.

VFX has gained prominence for the following reasons:

  • Films and Television – The increasing use of Visual FX across the globe and in Indian films and the stupendous success of these movies with its spectacular visual effects have led to the advent of an even greater number of studios specializing in Visual FX.
  • Advertising – Use of Visual FX in advertisements is on the rise, helping products stand out in this cut-throat world of competition.
  • Gaming – From intellectual games to gore to fantasy games, the demand for video games across genres and ages is on the rise.
  • Internet – The internet is here to stay and its reach is only going to grow further. There is a growing demand for Visual FX professionals to build websites and microsites and create digital content that is of the next level.

 What do students learn?

  • Introduction to Nuke
  • VFX Film making
  • Rotoscope using Silhouette
  • Matchmoving & Camera tracking
  • Wire Removal
  • Matte Painting and to know more click here

Wide Range of Job roles for students?

  • VFX Artist
  • 3D Animator
  • Rendering Artist
  • Roto & Paint Artist
  • Matchmove Artist
  • Compositor
  • 3D Modeler
  • Rigging Artist

Who is using NUKE?

Discover how artists and studios around the world use Nuke to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver epic results, from VR projects to the biggest feature films.

  • Prime Focus
  • Prana Studio
  • Red Chillies
  • Trace VFX
  • Amazon
  • Adobe
  • Yash Raj Films
  • NDTV

Dr. Sunanda Rathi

Center Director, Arena Animation Tilak Road, Pune