Visual effects, abbreviated as VFX, combines computer-generated visuals or moving pictures with the footage of a scripted or unscripted act or event. It enables the addition of visual representations of objects, sceneries, and events that aren’t captured with actual setups and artists.

The evolution of VFX technology and the introduction of OTT platforms have expanded entertainment industries witnessing the entry of numerous movies and TV series.

Besides the entertainment industry, other sectors, including advertising and education, are also deploying VFX for various purposes. Consequently, the demand for VFX studios and designers has multiplied over the past few years.

One of the reasons for its industrial growth is the support from the Indian government to establish self-sufficiency for digital India through several initiatives.

With the annual requirement of over 15000 VFX and animation professionals in India, this field is steadily becoming one of the most viable career options in demand in the global visual effects market. Now, let’s discuss the job profiles in the VFX industry discussed below.

Job Profiles in the VFX Industry

Those who find animations and special effects on screen and are creative can build their career in the VFX industry. VFX artists can earn full-time jobs or freelance. VFX roles include

  • Compositing Artist
  • Production Manager
  • Production Coordinator
  • VFX Editor
  • Concept Artist
  • Pre-Visualisation Artist
  • Data Capture Technician
  • Layout Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Matchmove Artist
  • Modeling Artist
  • Creature Technical Director
  • Effects Technical Director
  • Rigging and Pipeline Technical Director
  • Roto Artist
  • Software Developer

However, interested candidates must still understand the qualities required for a VFX artist, which are discussed in detail below.

Qualities of a VFX artist

With the high demand for VFX professionals, proficient visual designer artists can build successful careers in the VFX industry. Some of the qualities of a successful VFX artist include the following:

  • Ability to conceptualize ideas
  • Creativity
  • Effective time management skills
  • Desire to create something new
  • Passion for thinking out of the box
  • Eye for detail
  • Obsession for perfection
  • Eagerness to learn new things

In the next section, let’s discuss how VFX artists can thrive in the global visual effects market.

How to Thrive in the Global Visual Effects Market?

Students who have earned bachelor’s degrees with computing or programming knowledge can take up short-term courses to enhance their skills in graphics designing and pursue internships to gain experience. It helps them hone their skills to thrive in the global visual effects market.

In contrast, institutes exclusive of animation offer certification, diploma, and bachelor programmes to students who have passed the 12th standard from recognised boards and colleges. Students who earn certification in the fundamentals of VFX can keep upgrading their skills by taking advanced courses.

The Best Institute for VFX Courses

Arena animation Tilak Road offers top-quality, career-oriented VFX courses in Pune. Since its inception, the institute has trained over 4 lakh students and helped build their careers in animation and graphic design.

The expert faculty creates a friendly environment for students to enhance their skills. They foster their creativity through projects and internships in more than 250 corporate connections across the industry. They offer an intensive curriculum that exposes the candidates to cutting-edge technologies and software employed in VFX.

What career after 12th? What are the top demanding courses after the 12th? What should I do after 12th? Or what to do after 12th Science, Commerce, and Arts? Well, these are a few questions that might be haunting you after you crossed your first milestone.

Ask any student of Class 12 about their future goals, ‘What next after 12th?  And you are more than likely to get utterly confusing answers. If you are wondering what I should do after 12th Science, Commerce, and Arts you must read this article.

There are several other undergraduate courses as well that you can study after 10+2. Admission to these courses is usually via entrance exam marks.

But you don’t take any entrance exam for Some Career Courses / Options 

Additionally, there is no restriction on stream, so students can enroll in the course whether they like to study Science, Commerce, Arts, and Business.

Best Career Options After 12th Science, Commerce & Arts

Here is the list of career options after 12th

Graphic Design

2D and 3D Animation

VFX Prime

Web Design

Film Making

Print and Publishing

Audio Video Editing

UI/UX Design

Game Design

3D Modelling

Top Institute in Pune Arena Animation Tilak Road Pune

Best Career Options After 12th Science, Commerce & Arts

“ANIMATION, VFX, WEB DESIGNING, VIDEO EDITING, GRAPHIC DESIGN, MULTIMEDIA EDUCATION CENTER Arena Animation Tilak Road Pune is the animation education arm of Aptech Ltd.


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100% Placement after Successfully Completed Course

Is a career worth it?

Yes, an Animation and Graphic Design degree is worth it for many students. The film and television industries employ animators. You may also find jobs in fields such as Education, Print Media, and Sales. Animators may also find freelance work.

What is the highest salary in animation?

Highest salary that an Animator can earn is ₹8.3 Lakhs per year (₹69.2k per month).

“AMBITION is the first step to success, second is ACTION!!!”

Tough Questions for Class 12th Students Looking to Join a Course

  •  What are the jobs and pay packages available after pursuing these courses ?
  • Which exams will you have to appear in to study this course ?
  • What about campus placement ?
  • Know your interests ?

Wish you good luck in making your career choice after 12th!!!

Gaming is integral to everyone’s life. It is merely because the implementation of gaming recharges the mental and physical forms of human beings. It propels the individual to attain a great milestone in life, such as games and sports, improves self-confidence, bestows impetus to accomplish tasks on time, acts as a motivator, and makes the individual follow a positive mindset approach. If you also want to get proficient in game development courses in Pune, then Arena Animation is the best.

Offline games v/s Online games

Nowadays, in the era of the high-tech-enabled world, people prefer online or e-gaming to outsider or physical sports. With no qualms, outdoor games are more fruitful as they provide physical fitness, a robust mindset, a positive outlook, stable health, and many more. But on the same note, outdoor sports require time for traveling, unprecedented weather forecasts, and safety issues. Similarly, application-based gamification is also considered the best as it amplifies honed traits of the mind, acts as motivation, and bestows a good grip on time management and further. But have demerits, too, such as addiction, cyberbullying, etc. But As e-gaming is in trend, getting well acquainted with the game design course in Pune is a must and considered the best.

A glimpse of the best institute in Pune

Becoming a game designer is not as easy as pie. It desires efficient guidance with persistence. Moreover, being up to date with recent updates is a must in becoming a gaming designer. So, implementing all these facets is taken care of by only Arena Animation Tilak Road in Pune. This institute not only bestows game designing courses but many more such as Animation, VFX and Multimedia, web designing, UI/UX, graphics, etc.

The institute has a possible experience of 25 years and has guided 4,00,000 students with career-oriented programs and made them skilled. In addition, the Arena Animation institute prepares its students’ jobs throughout pan India. So, to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the institute, Arena has a wide network of 20 centres spread all over India.

Overview of the game development course:

During the catastrophic pandemic, many people spend their leisure time playing e-games like, ludo, pubg, candy crush, and many more. So, from then onwards, the gaming industry occupies a huge space. The Arena Animation gaming design course indulges students in creating creative and out-of-the-box notions. Moreover, cover all facets of design gaming, some are discussed below:

  • Conceptualization: Implementing the notion onto the animated form is the most desirable matter of game designing because everything commences with an idea and ends with a notion.
  • Levels and difficulty: Every online game has a distinct level and difficulty, which motivates players and keeps a tag of enthusiasm.
  • Internship and workshop: These activities train the individual’s mindset about the pragmatic world and its real-world application in real-time. If you are confused about yourself and your career, then Arena Animation’s internship can be fruitful.
  • Placement cell: when it comes to Placement, it is considered the heart and soul of any course. The game development course at Arena Animation has numerous career opportunities via the placement cell and ensures a bright future.

Feedback:  “Arena Animation Tilak Road in Pune has proved its competency by solving all minute queries of every single individual,” says Kiran Yadav.

If you want to enroll in the best game development course in Pune, visit our website.

We are all aware of the power of a camera—along with a little imagination—in creating memorable projects. But despite your best efforts, those two resources are powerless to alter the laws of physics or turn a grey sky blue. Various types of VFX are used in this situation.

Access positions you can apply for right away by joining Backstage!

VFX has gained a lot of popularity in recent years in both cinema and television because it allows for more creative freedom for directors. Nowadays, visual effects are included in practically all productions, whether romantic comedies or action-packed dramas. Filmmakers should be aware of the word because it is crucial to making a film.

Types of VFX  currently in use

Computer-Generated Imagery

The most common method used to create computer graphic pictures, which can be utilized in print media, movies, artwork, videos, television shows, and more, is called computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Bullet Time

The visual effect technique known as “Bullet Time” isolates the camera’s location and time from the object that may be seen. It appears in movies, television commercials, video game graphics, and other media. Technically, it is referred to as view morphing, virtual cinematography, and time-slicing.

3-D cinematography

To generate 3D things, virtual cinematography uses a variety of subjects (like real objects), multi-camera setups, etc.

Matte Painting

A matte painting technique uses dying to depict a landscape or distant location. It gives the impression of a setting that is not visible in the actual shooting location. Matte painting requires a lot of labour from painters and specialists.

Stop-motion animation

When stop-motion animation is used, static objects seem to move independently. This method can use items, models, people, home appliances, etc. The conventional flip book, which features consecutive drawings on different pages, is the best illustration.


Several photos are pieced together using digital composition to make a final image, screen display, or movie.

Motion-activated photography

A motion photography technique known as “motion control photography” allows for the control and optional repeating of camera motions. This entails capturing numerous elements with the same camera motion before fusing these elements to create a single image.

Prosthetic Makeup

Characters can have cosmetic effects applied to them using the VFX process known as prosthetic makeup.

Chroma Key

Chroma Key combines two distinct videos and is also known as a blue or green screen effect. This is a novel approach, and traveling mattes and the Schufftan process are the most common examples of VFX used in the film.


Kritika: I completed the 24-month VFX course at Arena Animation. I received a thorough education on all facets of visual effects and types of VFX. I am now confident in aspects such as rotoscopes, character animation, 3D modelling, and other topics. This particular course helped me improve my skills and explore new opportunities.

The main distinction between visual and special effects is when they are utilized to heighten and enhance reality onscreen. On the set, special effects take the form of anything from an actual explosion to the SFX makeup actor’s wear. On the other side, digital techniques are used in post-production to add visual effects. Visit us at Arena Animation Tilak Roak to learn more about VFX Courses in Pune and types of VFX.

Aren’t animations entertaining? A short animation film is significantly more powerful than a thousand-word message. Perhaps this is why people utilize animation techniques for business, presentations, education, and other uses. However, it’s imperative to have at least a fundamental understanding of the many animation techniques used in multimedia before you ultimately move on to creating one for yourself.

Here, we’ll briefly discuss different animation techniques to understand what makes them unique


This comprises the earliest methods that many entertainment corporations employed. Every illustration for a scene in this animation was hand-drawn, so if you enjoy painting, traditional animation will fascinate you. In this animation, each picture that makes up a scene is drawn by hand on a sheet of paper, and each photo is then framed to form the desired scene.

Flip Flop Animation

Animation would be useful when people are not exposed to computers. Flip-flop animation, created when a painter or artist flips up a little notebook filled with identical sketches, is called such because it moves. One of the earliest but most intriguing forms of animation is flipbook animation.

Stop Motion

An excellent illustration of the stop motion style is stop motion cut-out animation. Instead of producing a series of images, a single drawing is created and divided into pieces. Wires or pins connect these cut-outs. This enables the animator to move particular character pieces to demonstrate animation.

2D Motion

This can apply to computer-generated vector-based and conventional animations created on paper or other comparable media. Here, we’ll concentrate on the latter. The concept is identical to the conventional one. The absence of a solid medium is the sole significant distinction, though. All of the drawings are created digitally on a computer and then played to create the animation effect. Therefore, it is quicker and easier than the conventional procedure.

3D Animation

These days, 3D movies are a very popular kind of entertainment. Playing with puppets is pretty similar to this technique. However, it is done in a digital setting. Let’s concentrate on the fundamental ideas since the underlying procedure is rather complicated. The computer arranges the images in a digital environment and performs all the computations to make the objects move in the desired direction. This type of animation is typically highly expensive and rarely employed.

Motion Pictures

Apart from the types mentioned above, motion pictures are extremely different. Why? A storyline is not necessary for motion graphics. Instead, all that is needed to add some interesting effects is the movement of still images and inscriptions. Motion graphics include, for instance, animated logos, explainer videos, and the credits list after a film.

Why choose us?

Deepak: I recently completed Animation Prime, one of the career animation courses offered in Arena Animation Pune. Classes are held two hours a day, three days a week, for the whole 27 months. With the help of this course, I  also joined an animation studio and gaming firms after completing this course. I am thankful for Arena Animation which is helping me in exploring various dimensions of animation.


These multimedia animation approaches are fully supported by science (which is usually more relevant to an animator). Are you still unsure about which fashion will suit you best? Get in touch with Arena Animation Tilak Road right away to talk about animation courses in Pune and the several  animation techniques options that could serve your needs.

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2D animation is a process that involves creating images and moving them around on the screen to create the illusion of movement.

This is done by taking still images, called frames, and displaying them rapidly to create the illusion of motion. The illusion works because your eyes don’t see each frame—they see a continuous motion.

2D animation is created using traditional animation techniques or computer animation software which the animation courses in Pune can learn. Traditional animation uses pencils and paper to draw frames photographed onto motion picture film. Computer animation can be created using any graphics program.

There are three main types of 2D animation provided by the animation courses: traditional cel animation (hand-drawn), stop-motion (animated by moving puppets) and computer-generated imagery (CGI).

How to become a professional 2D animator?

So, you want to become a professional 2D animator. Here’s how to start your career as a professional 2D animator:

● Learn the basics of animation

You need to understand how 2D animation works before becoming a professional. If you don’t know the basics, it will be hard for you to get a job as an animator.

● Take classes at an art school or community college

Taking classes in animation courses in Pune is one of the best ways to learn about animation. You’ll be able to learn from other students and tutors, and teachers who are experts in their field.

● Make a portfolio

The best way to show off your skills is by having a portfolio that showcases what you can do as an animator. Make sure that everything in your portfolio is done by hand so employers can see what kind of talent they’re looking at when hiring new employees!

● Find work experience outside of class

Even if you’ve already graduated from school, there are still plenty of animation courses in Pune for getting real experience working on projects that could help land you a job later on down the road (or even now!). Look into internships or volunteer at local studios where openings might be available—you never know until you ask!

● Practice drawing and animation for your projects

If you have trouble finding time to practice drawing and animating because of school or work, try looking at resources like Arena Animation that can give tips on how other people approach the same problems that keep you from practising!

● Find a mentor who can help guide your career trajectory

Having a mentor from animation courses in Pune who is familiar with your field can be invaluable in helping you develop professionally. They can guide you toward new opportunities, offer advice on handling specific situations, and give feedback on presentations or portfolios. You might even find they’re willing to work with you during your free time!

Final Word

Arena Animation Tilak Road offers the best 2D animation courses in Pune with a wide range of animation courses and programs. It provides an ideal platform to learn 2D animation and get professional training in this field. Our animation courses in the Pune curriculum are designed by industry experts working professionals with years of experience in the field.

Stop-motion animation is a form of video production that creates the illusion of movement by displaying a sequence of slightly changed photographs in rapid succession. The individual frames are typically arranged on a common two-dimensional background. For example, a single background picture may show the transition from winter to spring or the passing of seasons and years.

Arena Animation Tilak Road is one of the best animation institutes in Pune for one-stop animation. We provide courses for beginners as well as advanced learners. Our courses are designed in such a way that it helps you learn practical applications of the concepts taught, which will be helpful in your career as well as your personal life.

How to become a professional animator using stop-motion animation?

Stop-motion animation is a technique that allows you to create the illusion of movement and make your movies. The best animation institute in Pune can also help you land a job as a professional animator.

Here are four tips for how to become a professional animator using stop-motion animation:

● Use a story or character to guide your writing

Find a story you want to tell, and make that your goal. Make sure it excites you and engages your imagination—something that speaks to who you are and what makes you tick! It probably won’t hold the audience’s attention if it doesn’t excite or interest you.

● Practice until your style becomes second nature

Find your style and voice, and practice it until it becomes second nature. Create a simple storyboard with keyframes (frames where something happens), then try animating each frame from start to finish. Practice until you have a clear vision of how things will look when they’re finished—and keep practising until everything feels natural for YOU!

● Discover people from the same area of interest and aspirations

It’s easy to get stuck doing everything by yourself, but nothing helps you learn more than working with others who are just as excited about animation as you are! If there aren’t any other animators in your area, try finding friends or the best animation institute in Pune who are interested in making art or filmmaking—you might find that some of them have skills that will help make your project even better than it would have been otherwise!

● Keep creating!

Stop motion animation is a craft that requires the animator to come up with an idea for a short film, then write a script for it, and then conceive of the characters and sets that will populate that script. It’s essential to keep in mind that this is an ongoing process, so don’t expect to be able to do it all at once. You’ll need to take time to think about your ideas before you start building them out.

Final Word

The quality of your education is one of the most critical factors in choosing a school. Arena Animation offers high-quality animation courses that have helped many students achieve their goals and launch successful careers in animation.

Arena Animation Tilak Road is the best animation institute in Pune, with a long history of helping students achieve their dreams. The teachers are experienced professionals who know what it takes to succeed as an animator. The Institute will give you the guidance and support you need to succeed.

Have you ever wondered as a child how your favorite cartoon characters came to be? If you answered yes, then we’re in the same boat. All of this was made feasible via animation. But do you understand what animation is or how to become a good animation maker? Don’t panic, we’re here to clarify things.

Read on to learn about animation and how to get success in this field!

What is Animation?

Animation is an art form that has been around for decades and has been used to create some of the most iconic characters and scenes in film and television. Most people think of animation as something you see in kids’ movies. But it’s a broad term that encompasses all kinds of animation styles and techniques taught in various animation courses.

By capturing sequential drawings, models, or even puppets, animation creates the appearance of movement in a series. Traditional animation involves drawing or painting images on clear celluloid sheets to be photographed. Early cartoons are instances of this, although most animated films nowadays use computer-generated images.

How can you become a Successful Animation Maker?

Becoming an animation maker is not an easy task. You need to have a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work. But there are some tips which can help you to become successful in this field.

● Enroll yourself in an animation class

The first step toward becoming a professional animation maker is to learn everything you can about the industry through animation classes. You may achieve this by enrolling in animation courses in Pune or attending classes at a local school. Experts in such programs can help you understand the fundamentals and improve your skills.

● Develop soft skills

It’s time to put what you’ve learned from the animation classes into practice! Practice and consistency are the only ways to develop your talents. To become an accomplished animator, you must commit to learning new methods and polishing old ones until they become second nature.

● Build an effective portfolio

The first and best impression you may make on potential employers will be through your portfolio. Regardless of how impressive your credentials are, animation is a visual art, and your artwork will scream for itself irrespective of your credits. Always emphasize your best work and update your portfolio and reel as you create new and improved items.

● Obtain hands-on experience

Finding an internship in an animation company or doing freelance work on your own is the final stage. This will allow you to be engaged in creating animated films from beginning to end, allowing you to create your portfolio with real-world expertise. You may even start creating your animations!

Final Word

Arena Animation Tilak Road is a wonderful choice for anybody interested in animation training and a successful career in animation. Our curriculum is designed to assist you in developing the skills and information required to excel in the industry, as well as to provide you with the tools and resources required for continuous growth.

We provide hands-on training, coaching, and industry connections to help you transform your hobby into a job. If this seems like something that may work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Adobe Photoshop is a simple tool to use but difficult to master due to its huge array of features, including adjustments, filters, selection, and more. Hence if you are a beginner at Adobe photoshop, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. However, you can learn by yourself and get familiar with its core elements and learn how to use the software to create beautiful and compelling graphics.

Effective Tips And Tricks For Adobe Photoshop

To help you get started and improve your skills at the pro level, we have picked up the best tips and tricks that will allow you to work faster in Adobe Photoshop, saving you more precious time.

● Know The Basic Shortcuts In Keyboard

Adobe Photoshop is a hands-on program. Simply put, the software provides plenty of tools for users to edit their artwork and get things done. Since it has a lot of tools, layers, and so on, it would be a hassle to navigate through the options manually.

Therefore, learning shortcut keys will help you increase your workflow efficiently. For example, ‘W’ is the shortcut key for the magic wand tool, while ‘P’ is for the pen tool.

● Practice Your Skills Using Layer Masks

A layer mask is a crucial aspect when you are editing your image. It is an adjustable feature to hide parts of the layer by giving more flexibility rather than deleting the part of the layer while editing the image. This option comes in handy when creating complex images, improving edits to a part of the layer, and crafting out objects to add to another image or document.

● Perform Destructive Edits On New Layers

Every aspiring photographer or animator desires to adjust the colours in their work to make interesting effects, either subtle or eye-popping. In such a situation, you can opt for destructive edits that are made directly to their original copy of the image.

It is possible to undo the edits. However, there will be a limit on the history panel. When you exceed it, you cannot undo it, and the changes will be permanent. So, ensure to perform the destructive edits on new layers, so you can secure both your edited and original images.

● Save The Photoshop Files Properly

Adobe Photoshop is flexible as it will allow you to rearrange your workspace in the way you feel comfortable. Hence, while saving your artwork, make sure you do it correctly and name your file. Organizing the files into folders will let you have a more consistent workflow and allow you to navigate easily through the files for future editing purposes.

The Final Thoughts

Adobe Photoshop is a complex digital go-to application known for its powerful features that will open up the new digital world for you and help you to build stunning artwork. Now that you know the importance of Adobe photoshop skills and its amazing opportunities, growth, and compensation, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to learn what you love and earn what you deserve! Arena Tilak Road provides the best Animation course in Pune, where you will learn and understand every basic thing in Adobe Photoshop, refine your skills, and eventually help you to master the course and elevate your visual content game!