All of us have enjoyed sketching our favorite cartoon characters and superheroes. Every time we made a sketch, an animated character would be playing in our minds. Now it is possible to breathe life into those drawings with the help of animation and VFX Training Institute. Now your childhood dreams of creating your own animated characters can become a reality.

Behind every cartoon or animation film that we watch, there are hours of complex processing, sketching, and editing to make it look flawless on the screen. It takes a team of qualified animation experts and professionals to create these interesting characters.If sketching and drawing are your passion and you always wanted work around creative and colorful stuff, then you can opt for animation courses provided by Arena Animation at Tilak Road in Pune.

Following are some of the key points that aspiring candidates must keep in mind while seeking admission in any courses of Arena animation.

  • Candidate should complete 10 + 2 you in any stream from a recognized academic board.
  • Undergraduates, as well as Graduates in any stream,  are eligible to enroll themselves.
  • The short term courses can be e take in flexible time is suitable for working professionals.

Duration of the courses:

The duration of the VFX Training Institute courses ranges between 2 to 5 months based on the subject selected. Classes are held 2 for 2 hours every day, three days a week.

Arena Animation offers animation courses at very affordable prices. The course fee ranges from 25 to 80000 rupees. Special loan facilities are also available for students who choose to take one.

In every course the candidate it’s taught about the fundamentals of advanced two dimensional and three-dimensional graphic and animation.

Courses offered by Arena animationTilak Road:

  • Animation
  • Gaming/ AR-VR
  • Web and graphics
  • Digital designing and marketing
  • Multimedia
  • Broadcast
  • Animation VFX and gaming

The short term courses at Arena Animation Tilak Road comprises of:

  • VFX and post-production
  • Web design and development
  • Animation
  • Design and visualization
  • Architectural design and visualization

Long term courses include:

  • Web designing
  • Broadcast media design
  • Advanced visual effect
  • Graphic design
  • Composting
  • Rot scope
  • 3D modeling with Maya
  • 3D modeling with max
  • 3D animation in design
  • Rigging
  • Lighting and rendering
  • Texturing

Here are some of the benefits of the courses that are being offered at Arena AnimationTilak Road:

  • Every course is designed to make the students’ industry-ready. You are assured of getting quality placement after completing the VFX Course in Pune.
  • You get the best practical training using the most advanced tools and software used in animation and VFX.
  • The faculties have adequate knowledge of experience and provide the students with the best possible guidance.
  • Students have access to creosouls platform students of Arena animation get an opportunity to showcase their portfolio.

If you have got a creative mind and are passionate about your work, then wait no more and enroll yourself to get mentored by some of the most experienced professionals in Arena Animation – VFX Training Institute.

A professional career in the animation industry is the most desirable option in recent times. Students of this domain are being offered lucrative jobs for showcasing their creativity. If you are interested in making a career in animation, it will give you a lot of exposure and growth simultaneously. Studies have revealed that the animation industry will soon witness a growth of around 11% and will be valued at 2300 crores by the end of 2020. So let’s start planning for this career in early age by knowing Animation courses after 10th.

Animation Courses in Pune offered at Arena animation will help you master your skills for jobs in leading gaming companies, animation studios, TV channels, advertisement agencies, and production houses.

If you have always dreamt of having a career in animation and make your mark in this demanding profession, this is the right time to get yourself enrolled in an animation course after 10th offered by Arena animation in Tilak Road Pune.

There are two different courses, namely animation prime, and animation film design, both of which prepare students to face the challenges of the industry. As an expert in animation, you need to have a range of skills and knowledge to excel in this sector.

Things to learn in the Animation Prime course

It is a well-rounded course that covers the fundamentals and techniques of animation and gives the student a detailed understanding of the latest tools and software that are implemented in the process of developing animation. It is a complete job-oriented course that prepares students to create world-class projects. In this particular course, candidates are taught in 3 major disciplines, namely, creative visualization, which comprises design basics sketching and storyboards, concepts of 2D animation, graphics and editing, techniques, and tools used in 3D animation.

Some of the major highlights of the course

  • Guided by experienced and certified faculties
  • Adequate practical training using the latest software and tools
  • Job focused course curriculum
  • Guaranteed placement assistance for the pass-outs.
  • Instant loan facility for students
  • Free access to onlinevarsity, e-Learning platform of arena animation
  • Exclusive access to Creosouls online platform exclusively designs for arena animation students to showcase their creations.

These Animation Courses after 10th in Pune comprises of three terms where candidates talk about design and visualization, 3D animation, advanced techniques, and tools of 3D animation.

Animation Film Design

If you are one of those kids who was always fascinated by the characters of animated films and wanted to create your own set of characters, then animation film design is the course for you.

Animation film design is complete courses that provide training in all aspects of animation film production and make the students ready for their professional life. Students get to learn and have a strong foundation in all the techniques and fundamentals involved in the pre-production process, animatics, anatomy drawing, character design, visualization, and more.

These Animation Courses after 10th also consists of three terms where you will be taught about preproduction processes and its techniques, 2D animation production, and 3D animation production. It is a comprehensive course when you will learn about the different approaches of creating animated three dimensional and two-dimensional models.

Give your aspirations a wing by becoming a part of Arena Animation Tilak Road. You will be taught by industry experts with years of experience. You will gain the necessary skills and expertise that will give you a successful career ahead.

Game designing refers to the entire process that goes behind creating a game. From a technical point of view, there is a lot that goes into transforming a game from the storyboard to its actual form. In relatively simpler games where there is no significant character plot, design work is involved in making the gameplay more immersive. The task of a game designer is more of creative decision making. Some of the Game Designing Courses are entrusted with the task of creating a script for the story of the game while others work in developing level designs.

If you are looking forward to become a game designer, then you can think of to get yourself enrolled in Game Designing Courses after 12th offered at Arena animation in Pune. The gaming design course at Arena animation is named Trinity 3D. It is a combination of traditional art and design theories. The course takes care of both artistic and technical aspects of visual effects, animation, and gaming. You can choose to specialize in selected fields as per your requirements. The students are guided by industry experts who prepare them to be able to work in the different phases of the production process of a game.

Some of the highlight of the Game Designing Courses after 12th

  • The Game Development Courses are completely job–oriented and prepare the students as per industry standards.
  • Every student get to experience practical training using the most advanced software and tools
  • Students get to interact with industry experts and also take part in workshops of leading firms in the industry.
  • Students are provided complete placement assistance post completion of the course.
  • Student gets free access to Arena’s learning platform onlinevarsity.
  • Students can also showcase their portfolio on Creosouls exclusive to candidates of Arena animation.

Softwares taught during the Game Design Course after 12th are:

  • Houdini
  • Adobe audition
  • Adobe after effect
  • Unity game engine
  • Silhouette
  • Nuke
  • Mocha
  • 3D equalizer

Things to learn in the Game Design course after 12th at Arena animation Tilak Road:

During the first term, students are taught about the pre-production process of animation and games, where things like anatomy drawing, body language and expression, lights and colors, animation concept, design concepts, voice characterization, visual scripting, and more are taught.

In the second term, students are trained in 3D art and design for animation VFX and games. During this stage of the course subjects like digital modeling with Maya, digital sculpting, 3D texturing, rigging, and the other related to subjects are taught

In the final term of the Game designing courses students gets to try their hands at visual effects for animation games in films. It is one of the most important parts of the course where students learn about layer-based compositing, pre-visualization, color correction, match moving, FX with Houdini, advanced compositing tools, and much more.

If you are passionate about becoming a part of the design industry, you need to have adequate skills to match the requirements of the leading companies in the sector. Arena Animation Tilak Road has a team of faculties who have worked in this industry for years and now mentoring students to become successful in their professional lives. Enroll to game designing course after 12th here and you will get the opportunity to master a range of skills that will make you a budding professional in gaming industry.

What after 12th? This is the question which is frequently asked to the students who are studying in 12th. Getting a degree in a good stream is the obvious answer. But only degree or a degree which will gear up the career? Obviously a career oriented degree – then getting an Animation Degree is the best choice for that matter.

As we are getting into the advanced digital world, there are numerous doors of new opportunities coming up. Animation is far ahead in this list. It gives the most unique career choice and students can join Animation courses after 12th with any stream like science, commerce or Arts. Arena Animation Tilak Road Pune offers a variety of courses in animation after 12th and even you can opt for Animation degree after 12th to boost your career.

From movies to TV to business promotions or advertisements Animation is the most demanding need of every industry.

If we go through product advertisements or games now a days it break the myth that Animation is equal to movies or cartoons only. There is a huge demand of animators in each and every industry. For that purpose if you get an Animation Degree from a reputed institution then there will be a red carpet for you in this industry or you can opt for variety of short term or long term courses available.

Animation course choices after 12th:

As an individual, we have to choose correct options and make decisions in our life. Out of those, picking a correct career alternative is one of the most significant decisions for the students to make in their life after 12th. There are various professional career choices available for students to make a good career choice. Right now, will are talking about Animation as a career alternative or Animation courses after 12th. A proper professional Animation Degree is available for students if they want to choose Animation as their full time career.

There are also heaps of animation courses list accessible in India which you can pick as per your interest and convenience. The animation industry is getting exceptionally famous in India and now students are considering it a genuine calling.

As far as Arena Animation is considered beside Animation Degree they have range of short term and long term courses available.

The most crucial question remains the same!

Students should go for Animation Degree or not and why?


Why Animation Degree?

Once you enroll for Animation Degree the door of opportunities is opened for you. This degree course not only offers personal development but also it gives professional development. If we list out the benefits of Animation degree for that matter we can list some main benefits as:

  • Increased job opportunities:

As you get enrolled to Animation Degree course the kind of technical and knowledge superiority you earn which creates more demand of you in market as an Animator.

  • Long lasting benefits in career:

As it always seen many big agencies or production houses prefer graduates over certificate holders in Animation. Hence those having degree in Animation will get preference by their employers.

  • Satisfaction of work:

While doing job or any business work satisfaction is more important otherwise it will be only stressful journey. Animation Degree will get you those skills which will give satisfactory and proud feeling throughout your professional life.

  • Job security:

Students having Animation degree have more job security as compare to short or various other courses.

Why Arena Animation Tilak Road is best choice?

While talking about study options in animation we should see why Arena Animation Tilak Road is the best choice to get Animation Degree after 12th?

Yes, it is indeed the best choice for students because beside the courses which have their own benefits Arena Animation Tilak Road also provides:

  • Hands-on useful preparing utilizing most recent softwares, tools and programming
  • Skilled teachers and helpful staff
  • Introduction to industry collaboration and workshops
  • Job placement assistance
  • Help in getting student loan if needed
  • All round help in developing good portfolio


When we know Animation can be the best degree option after 12th Arena Animation at Tilak Road will be the best institutional choice for students.

How fascinating it looks watching a dragon flying in the movie and spaceship hovering in the space! But, have you ever wondered how come these unrealistic items are shown in the film?  If they are unrealistic, how do they manage to be in motion so smoothly?

The intriguing it looks, the complex and professional it is! And the answer to the above questions is – VFX.  Also known as Visual effects, it can be described as an imagery creation or other moving media which can be manipulated to enhance any film. In other words, we can say that VFX is the combination of this manipulated imagination and the actual footage to create realistic looking environments that cannot take place while shooting the live-action for the context. The reason that these realistic-looking environments are created is that either they are too dangerous to film or shoot, or such situations and environments don’t exist. Therefore, the professionals use computer-generated imagery (CGI), and VFX software to create and develop these environments. The VFX professionals have to communicate with the directors and the cinematographers of the movie or the film to identify and determine the requirement of scenes to be shot with green screens.

However, the scope of this art of transforming imagination in an impossible moment from a pre-recorded video or isn’t just restricted to movies making records in Bollywood or Hollywood, but it is also used in the regional commercials, television, industries, broadcasting series, advertising,  and architecture. It must also be noted that the VFX (Visual effects) and special effects are two separate terms and features. Visual effects or VFX are usually applied after shooting, whereas Special effects or SFX are realized on set like fake gunshot wounds, controlled purposeful explosions.

If you find these effects exciting and desire to try your hands on it, you will need to master the VFX designing. Enroll yourself with Arena Animation for the VFX course in Pune that will allow you to understand the VFX film-making production. You will be given the insights of the industry and will be trained to be a VFX professional by the experienced and certified faculty of the Arena Animation, having ample expertise in game development. The course is designed as per industry and market requirements, which will assist you in storytelling.

Highlights of the course

  • The modules cover from pre-production to 3D and VFX Post Production.
  • Industry-centric curriculum for quality placement
  • Training on the latest software and tools
  • Workshops and intellectual interaction for industrial exposure.
  • Access to an e-learning platform Onlinevarsity, As a student of Arena Animation
  • Access to Creosouls to showcase your portfolio as a student of Arena Animation.
  • The instant student loan facility, which is open for our young VFX professional to fund their studies.

So if you dream and aspire to be a VFX professional, you need a mentor to master and hone your skills. Arena Animation has it all under one roof. So don’t miss the chance and enroll today.

While blockbuster movies like Kung  Fu Panda, Ice Age are making records in the entertainment industry, an evident inclination towards the animation course and effects can be observed in public. The animation industry is a blend of entertainment and technological industry. It involves creative skills like drawing, designing as well as technical skills like developing graphically skilled media clips. As an animator, you will be giving life to the fictional characters or an object. It is the animation degree that allows you to explore and learn this art of breathing life to an object or a character and opens up career possibilities for you in the film industry, and in other creative digital roles.

The animation industry seeks creatively talented artists who offer premium quality in their work. Being a creative job, opting an institution providing the best Animation Courses in Pune can be the best move for your bright future. Arena Animation has proved his excellence and is now recognized as a brand when it comes to the animation courses.

If you think that only a few people are required to carry out and finish the final effect, then you are wrong. In most of the cases, it is the team efforts that you are being able to see a fictional character moving smoothly like a normal human being. The possible job roles, where you can apply as an animator are –

  • 3 D Animator
  • 2 D Animator
  • Games developer
  • Character Animator
  • Image Editor
  • Key Frame Animator
  • Concept artist
  • Modeller
  • Layout Artist
  • Texture Artist
  • Story Board Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Clean Up Artist
  • Background Artist
  • Rendering Artist
  • Rigging Artist
  • Digital Ink and Paint Artist
  • Illustrator and VFX artist
  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer


The job opportunities won’t be just confined to the film industry, but also to other sectors. Mentioned below are the industries which are open for you, if you are an aspiring animator artist –

  • Online Media
  • Print News
  • Advertising
  • Cartoon Production
  • Film industry
  • Television industry
  • Theatre
  • E-learning
  • Video Gaming


There is no doubt that there are various job opportunities open for you, but that doesn’t mean that just an animation degree will be the game-changer. NO, you have to be the complete package, and you should possess a set of skills to stand out. The additional skills which you should have along with your animation degree are –


  • You should be creative enough to offer fresh ideas.
  • Strong Visual Imagination to bring out of the box stories and ideas for the audience
  • Knowledge of CAD
  • Artistic Skills
  • Colour Sense
  • Appreciation of Aesthetics
  • Ability to transform your Ideas into Drawings
  • Detail Orientation of your work
  • Computer Skill (animation course degree and stronghold on the software)

If you are a student, you can opt for animation courses after your 12th. Arena Animation is open even for working professionals who want to fulfill their dream to be an animator. You must be able to meet the eligibility criteria to get yourself enrolled in the course. Different institutions have their own eligibility criteria, but you should have a minimum of 50% marks.  If you are a student, planning to get into the animation field, you can go for the following courses –

  • B A in Animation
  • Sc in Animation
  • Certificate Courses
  • Diploma in Animation

Growing up as a child, we all have loved that arrangement period where our faculty used to take us to show us the animated cartoon mythological movies. For many dreamers, that was the place where their journey to the VFX and animation industry started. Just like animation, the VFX industry is also bursting at the seams. However, one should know that both animation and the VFX are entirely different terms and have their own dimensions. If you are a new aspirant, dreaming of making your name in the industry, then you definitely need to be enlightened about both the terms. The animation is related to 3D and 2D.  Modeling, Sculptor, Rigging, Animator, Match move, EFX are some of the departments in the 3D field. Talking about the VFX, we have departments like Rotoscope, Compositing, and Paint along with special departments like motion graphics, Story Boarding, and Matte Painting.

As a young mind, you need to get yourself enrolled in the VFX course, and if you are looking for the VFX course in Pune, Arena Animation is all that you need for your bright future. As a VFX professional, the career options open for you are enumerated below –

  • Layout Artist

A Layout Artist you will be taking the call of how the visuals will look eventually. It is a part of the previsualization process and the pre-production as you will be creating templates and transforming the script and storyboard into the visuals. From scene creation to camera angles, everything falls under this.

  • Compositing Artist

As a compositor, your job will be to ensure that there is a seamlessness between the VFX and the live-action. A single visual disturbance can ruin the entire game. It will be you who will be preventing the viewing experience by merging visual effects seamlessly with the background in a way that gives no distraction.

  • Lighting Artist

It is a very crucial role in the entire process of storytelling, not just in storytelling but in any film production. You will be responsible for illuminating the perfect amount of light to depict every scene crystal clear. Therefore, having an understanding of the behavior of the interaction of light with the real-world with the visual effects is essential.

  • Rendering Artist

Rendering Artists are the most demanding professionals in production houses and influential VFX studios. Their job is to transform 3D models in real world-visuals. It is highly technical and delicate, similar to the lighting artists. The only difference is that they are responsible for turning an idea to a high quality visual.

  • Roto Artist

As a Roto Artist, you will have to identify and trace all those points and areas where CG meets real life. It is quite a complicated and imperative task as it provides the foundation for VFX. These traces and framework are the beginning point for the compositors.

  • Matte Painter

Ever wondered about how such unconventional beauties and places are given life in VFX films? That’s the magic of the Matte Painter. A highly creative job of turning beautiful and magical tapestries by taking references from sketches, photographs, and paintings or the references can be from anywhere else as well.

  • Match Mover Artist

As a match mover, you have to ensure the seamless integration between the generated graphics and the movements, proportions, and the live-action footage to make it look natural. You have to an expert in both 2D and 3D as you will have to work in tracking movements and CGI.

Aspiring to be the top game developer someday soon but stuck in a cloud, what are its essentials, then this page is undoubtedly for you.

Just having knowledge and certificate of the Game Development course isn’t enough for an individual to reach the height of your dream, but yes, it is indeed one of the essentials.With progressing growth of the game industry over the years, you certainly need to have some additional skills and competency to lead the list of top game developers, which doesn’t come just from your Game development course. Without ado, let’s quickly know what are those essentials and how will they make a difference in your career. These essentials are highlighted by the experts of Arena Animation Tilak Road, Pune who have been abundant experience in the field and they are –

  • IT skills -Proficiency in programming languages

You should have a stronghold on coding to succeed in the field of game development. Apart from that, you also need to have a command on the software designing and programming. These will aid you in developing some realistic characters with an excellent user interface assisted with the smooth transition.

  • Problem-solving aptitude and Strong analytical frame of mind

You should be able to figure out the drawbacks of the game and the possible loopholes in the game designed to make it a more refined and interacting match for the players. Working on the problems reported by the players, eliminating the bugs, and of course, giving it a new height with advance features is your work, which needs an analytical approach.

  • Creativity

Transforming your imagination into a virtual world will not require your practical and theoretical knowledge but also you out of the box ideas. You should be able to create and provide new angles and ideas that can be introduced in the game to keep the players engaged with it.

This is the only essential that will give you an edge over your competition in the market. The unique features of your game will define how far it can go and how long it can stay in the competitive market. To lead the list of top games, you not only need to break the conventional game strategy but also have to consider the requirements and the tastes of the gaming community from all over the world. Providing them with a fresh gaming experience with fascinating characters having some peculiar power will assist your audience to stay connected with your game.

  • Work as part of a team

Game developers usually give their best to what is in their hands, but many fail at times when it is about teamwork. As a game developer, you can create an exceptionally intriguing game with some unnatural features, but unless you don’t communicate your idea to the rest of your team members, it won’t bear the fruit you intended. Members taking care of sound, music, effect specialists, and many more should be aware of your perspective to assist accordingly.

  • Knowledge of gaming trends and passion for video games

You should be a genuine game lover who is aware of the trends in the gaming industry. This will help you to penetrate and come up with new ideas and angles while designing your own game.

Gone are the times when the animation was used only for children amusement. It is now an integral part of our day to day life irrespective of anything. But unlike yesterday, it is refining its existence so one whoever desires to be in this industry should have his hands complementing his vision.

Having said that, you should have taken the Animation course before you start practicing it. Arena Animation Tilak Road, Pune with the exceptional faculty is your stop if you are looking for Animation course in Pune. With experts on your side, your imagination sees no boundaries and your knowledge will empower it to create the one or the team as you desire them to be.

Standing out from the mass pursuing the same course as you do require some personal pieces of advice from the expert and they are discussed below –

Technical and Graphic Design Skills

To give life to your vision, you need to blend your art skills with practical skills. Not just that you should know how the body moves and should keep principles of animation in mind and using them while working on the softwares.

You should know the art of making those fictional characters more realistic with your practical knowledge and skills.

Colour Theory

Adding colors to your characters will attract an audience, but a wrong choice of expression of colour can turn out to be a big turn off at the same time. So you should consider the emotion you want to communicate with the audience and colour your character accordingly.

Timing and Spacing

As an animator, you should keep an eye on the timing of your animation to give a natural effect to your animation in motion. A soft and natural movement of the character is always a delight than watching an unfortunate timing of attributes. 

Analyzing Skills

Your work is to give life to your vision, and for that, you need to do a comprehensive analysis of your character. Your character deserves every bit of your attention from head to toe so that you can make it a more refined version of him. Paying attention to every minute detail will allow you to master your animation, character, and the environment as well.


To stand out, you should have your own style and imagination. Copying someone else can be entertaining as long as the original ceases to exist, but as soon as the original is back, the copy stands nowhere. Therefore, you should focus on creating your own characters and stories with your imagination and skills.
It will not only allow you to encounter your imagination boundaries but will also aid you in mastering the animation skills.

The animation isn’t a paper-based work. It is an artistic job that does require personal skills to be involved in every step so if you aspire to be a successful animator someday, so you do need to work on every single aspect of your creation to be successful.

How to give best visual effects? or How to become the best VFX artist?

Enhanced visualizations or VFX are practically the pillar of the film making industry today. Enhanced visualizations are utilized to make otherworldly universes, invoke fantastical animals, make stationary items fly, creatures talk and in any event, breathe life into individuals on the big screen! VFX is likewise being utilized to make Virtual Reality (VR). Another fact is that VR at present rules the gaming business. In short VFX or becoming a VFX artist is totally a glamorous and money making career in today’s time. For that you need to learn the skills of VFX from a good, reputed animation institute like Arena Animation, Tilak Road branch, Pune, who is taking VFX courses.

The VFX business in India is enormous and is developing exponentially consistently. Truth be told, Indian studios are presently procuring studios in Hollywood and setting up offices over the world. Likewise with any developing industry, there are new openings to be had in the VFX field in India, professions to be made and some genuine challenge!

So how can one become a fruitful Visual Effects artist and give the best visual effects? We’ve brought a couple of tips to assist you with stretching out beyond the others and satisfy your fantasies.

Watch Movies

Truly, you’re perusing this right! Watch a lot of motion pictures with special visualizations. Find out about the historical backdrop of how special visualizations appeared. You’ll really find an entire bundle of truly cool motion pictures you most likely didn’t know at any point existed. Watch the more current ones, as well. Peruse up about how various impacts were made. This will give you a viewpoint on how far the enhanced visualizations industry has come. Draw, Sketch, portray and make as a lot of artwork as you can.

Know Your Basics

It is always beneficial that you get familiar with your basics before taking a step to create any fantasy. Become familiar with your product well and play around with it. Know software around as every studio around you will not use the same software. So the more you Lear, it will be simpler for you to adapt more skills. There are six fundamental VFX effects each VFX artist must learn to make – fire, water, mists/smoke, blasts, lightning/power, and movement trails, in both 2D and 3D as they are particularly regular chores for VFX artists.

Discover Your Interests

VFX shots require groups of individuals who have command over one peculiar aspect. When you have command on basics, pick a couple of fields to spend significant time in those and try to become master of those skills.

Try out a Good Visual Effects Course

Despite the fact that you can learn the skills from internet, a great VFX course will enable you to gain proficiency from experts. Pick a Visual Effects course from a reputed institute l that will show you broad spectrum of VFX. This will also help you to network with professionals from industry.

Try to Make an Effective Show Reel of your work.

So guys keep the spirit high and don’t be afraid to get into this field.

Contact Arena Animation, Tilak Road, Pune one of the best VFX/Animation institute to know how VFX courses can furnish you with the correct abilities to become wildly successful in this prospering industry in India.