VFX stands for visual effects, which are summarized as visual FX OR VFX. Visual effects are used to give shape, color, and size to an imaginary thing. We all love watching animation movies and cartoons, but the creature used in such movies is not real it is just the imagination that is given a proper structure by a programmer. It is a boon to our film industry by which we created some remarkable movies in recent years like Avengers infinity war, Iron man, and action one. The visual effects are used to generate imagery and create an environment that looks real.

Visual effects are not confined to Hollywood movies; in recent years, we have seen some blockbusters Bollywood movies like Bahubali and Robot. Apart from that, these effects are used in television commercials, broadcast, web series, advertising. In some reports, it is confirmed that the fan base of such movies got a sudden spike across the globe, and more people are willing to make their career in this field. If you are an art enthusiast and love creating things on a computer with innovative ideas and skills, then it can be a very good career option for you. There are dozens of career path which will open to you from diverse industries.

The eligibility to pursue your career in this course is 10+2 from any stream (science, commerce, and arts). After that, you can pursue your graduation in VFX animation, it would be a 3-year degree program, and after completion of your course, you will get B.A in animation or B.SC in animation. There are various diploma and certificates courses available for you. You can enroll in those institutes which offer diploma and certificate courses. There are splendid job opportunities after completing this course because technology has revolutionized our world, so if you are passionate and eager to learn new things, update yourself with new skills, then you will enjoy your work. It is not just animation, but many other departments like animation 3D, animation 2D, modelling, rigging, sculptor, image editor, EFX, match move, texturing, lighting, dynamics, and lot more.

VFX with animation is a good choice because we are living in a digital world, and both courses have abundant career opportunities. In the coming years, these industries will grow to a new height with lots of career options for you. It will have a boosting growth in the coming future because the majority of youth are attracted to this.

If you are looking for a good institute to pursue this course, then Arena animation Tilak Road should be your first preference. They offer career-oriented VFX course in Pune and have mushroomed in other parts of India too. They provide world-class education and training. They have a hospitable and well-trained staff that leaves no stone unturned to cultivate innovative minds and teaching them high –end animation techniques. They have a number of Courses which meet your expectations, some of them are-VFX Film making and VFFX prime. VFX film making trains the participant to create high quality visual effects for films, television, advertisement, and games. VFX Prime is 24 months course that deals with training students about 3D Modelling, Digital Sculpting, Character Animation, Rotoscopy, and a lot more.

VFX and animation industry is mushrooming at a rapid pace in India and across the globe. VFX industry saw a flood of many animation characters like Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Doremon, and many others. With the introduction of animation, we have seen a revolution in movies, cartoons, games, series, and commercials.

Initially, animation and VFX were used mainly in Hollywood movies, but from the past ten years, we have seen in Bollywood movies and commercials. It has expanded its wings to almost all regions in the world. VFX provides realistic graphics using computer software such as Nuke and Autodesk Maya. Apart from film, animations are used in automobiles, education, aviation, industrial production, and medical sectors. But there is a slight difference between Animation and VFX. The animation is the technique to apply illusions of the painting on human beings so that they can move or act. Basically, whatever we imagine, we have to give it a real look. We all are fond of watching animation videos and movies, so there is a proper role of a programmer to make it real and create a realistic environment. On the other hand, VFX is applied to real things, human beings, frames, and footage. So it is the amalgamation of real and imagery things on the reel. We have watched the movie robot, where the characters jump from one building to another, and the number of shots is fired together by a single person. Such things don’t happen in reality, but they appear real.

So you can make a bright career in VFX and animation after class 12th. The eligibility criteria to pursue these courses are the following:

  • Degree course- After class 12th, if you want to make your career in animations, then you can apply. It would be a 3-year duration course, and after that, you will be given a degree in Bachelors of animation.
  • Certificate and diploma course– There are so many certificate and diploma animation courses after 12thoffered by many institutes. The duration of diploma courses is more than a certificate one.

After completing the animation course, you will have lucrative career options ahead. You can go for –

  • Layout Artist
  • Compositing Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Rendering Artist
  • Roto Artist
  • Matte Painter
  • Match Mover Artist
  • 3d Animator
  • 2d Animator
  • Image Editor and many more.

There is a cut-throat competition in this field due to its growing popularity, but you can reach to heights if you are passionate to polish your skills. Apart from the degree, you are requited other attributes like an inclination towards art, knowledge of updated software, innovative skills to create new features and images. It is assumed that this industry will touch a 1 billion dollar output in the coming decades. Due to this reason, many young candidates are enrolling in these courses.

If you are searching for a good institute where you will get the opportunity to have fully-fledged studio exposure, then Arena Animation Tilak Road is the best place for you. They carved their name of providing many animation courses in Pune. They offer animation courses such as- Arena animation film design and Animation prime. They are pioneers in providing VFX courses in Pune such as – 3 D Modelling, Digital Sculpting, Character Animation, Rotoscopy, and many more under the guidance of well educated and experienced staff.

In the era of today’s global, visual effects play a prominent role in the fastest growing economy of India. VFX is considered for creating the special effects which are used to give depth to the visual representation of the media. VFX is done scientifically and artistically, based on the movie going to be shown to beautifully multiple-level intricate effects.

Visual effects deal with the consolidation of real-life footage and computer-generated imagery to the current situations that are often available for the movie makers. There are several popular movies with special effects that have a 3D world and creative blog media. There are more science-fiction movies out there, such as Avatar, Jurassic Park, Terminator series, Inception, Interstellar, The Matrix, etc. It generally includes Base FX, Rodeo FX, Ghost FX and CG work with Magic led & Industrial light.

Till in the current scenario, the VFX industry is rapidly growing with more career prospects for young minds. VFX has required the eligibility criteria where minimum qualification is passing 10+2 from recognized board from any steam. However, candidates can go for a diploma as well as certificate courses (degree program). There are ample career options in technology and media entertainment positions such as compositor artists, roto artists, pre-viz artists, FX artists, and matchmaking artists.

A career in VFX is the dazzling career choice for the seeking aspirants who want to be top in VFX. There are fantastic career job positions under the VFX industry, such as:

  • Layout artist

Layout artist is someone who is tasked with interpreting the script of creating templates for how to transfer into a visual medium. Its main work is of the pre-revisualization and pre-production process.

  • Compositing artist

Composting artist is one who has an excellent grip in merge the compositor’s job is to ensure between VFX and live in action. The artist is required to perform scenes of artistic vision and technical rules.

  • Lighting artist

Lighting artist is one crucial film production which should be mostly animated or live-action. It plays a very prominent role in visual continuity with the storytelling process.

  • Roto artist

Roto artist is mainly known for creating and editing purposes with opacity settings. Roto artist offers an excellent foundation in the field in VFX, the starting point for VFX professionals and the high demand for all roto artists.

  • Matte painters

Matte painter is referred to an expert in both 3D and 2D tracking movement of mover’s responsibilities and works on mostly live-action footage, movements, natural, seamless, and with proportions.

In the field of VFX career, it requires significant skills of implementing and creating high-quality artistic animations that are cost-effective and done with the simple use of computer software. It needs to be liberal, creative, composting skills, photographic skills with aperture, depth of field, farming, and some strong editing skills for texture effects.

Arena Animation Tilak Road is considered as best institution course, especially for VFX career. It helps to enhance your abilities and bring out the creative side, which will require leading the industry. As one of the leading institutions of VFX courses in Pune, many candidates enroll themselves in Arena Animation Tilak Road as it helps you achieve your ambitions by bringing out your creativity.

VFX has been expanding from foundation to top of the industry shores, where it plays an essential role in featuring films, television programs, video games, animation and commercials, and many more forms of several entertainments. It has diverse popularity that increases day by day with career prospective and massive international industry.

The animation is the process by which images are used to bring the illusion of motion by the rapid movement of those images in a sequence. Animations can be recorded, stored in various equipment and formats such as stop motion, motion graphics, traditional animation, three-dimensional, two-dimensional, etc. Animators are the properly trained artist who generally creates visual effects and animation, books, videotapes, motion picture movies, or digital media and some of the formats on which it is stored, said as digital video or flash animations. VFX is one of the most crucial elements in the making of a film and is usually integrated during the post-production of the movie, also in planning choreography of several scenes during the planning phase.

While the animation industry deals with getting the desired sequence into the process of making layouts, photography, designing, and drawing. However, both industries have a combination of multimedia, graphics, presentation, and television. It is regarded as a dazzling world of opportunities that are available for skilled VFX and animators worldwide. There are several job positions for the scope of VFX and animation are, some of them are –

  • 3D Modeler is someone who is responsible for performing visualized models with paint and wrap for basic creative animators. They use software to form vertices for the production of digital objects.
  • A graphic designer is most of seeking courses for many aspiring candidates where they perform lucrative professions of illustrations, designing, imaginative creativity into visual graphics.
  • Web designers are especially known for maintaining the visualization, designing, creating the website, and delivering proper needs as per customer requirements.
  • The multimedia programmer is the person who performs work related to creativity in technical acumen where they are primarily known for creating innovative ideas like mobile apps, flash-based apps and animated films.
  • The lecturer in the education sector where they are required by institutes to lead students about the importance of VFX and animation.

Candidates who plan to get in creative jobs in the field of advertising, animation, or technical field opt for Arena Animation Tilak road for their enrollment in animation courses in Pune.  Offering specialized VFX courses in Pune provides you enormous scope in animation, visual tools, and other graphic techniques. It required minimum qualification of 10+2 criteria with the recognized board from any stream. Candidates can enroll themselves for both diplomas as well as a certificate program.

Arena Animation Tilak road is considered as the best place for those who want to be top in the field of Animation and VFX. The institute helps in representing the filmmaking of the country on a larger picture. It creates many opportunities in India and abroad for VFX or animation experts. Providing quality education in the fields of animation and VFX, the institute also focuses on the interdisciplinary program.

If you plan to have a great career in VFX and animation, you should make sure you go to the best place.

VFX stands for Visual Effects, and involves the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would not be captured easily in film. This VFX are the effects done in the post-production stage; it is generally used as digital technology. This is a digital technology with moving images from a camera and creative industry. It affects a spectacular impact on digital technology through a big screen. VFX can create the live scenes shown in films and video, with the help of CGI (computer-generated imagery or computer graphics), which is used in creating video games, sci-fi movies, television shows, and characters. It won’t be wrong to say that there is a massive scope of VFX in India today.

VFX, virtual reality, is known for its impeccable immersive experience. The importance of visual effects is transporting users to a different world altogether is indeed an art. In all possibilities, these experiences could be the future of entertainment, and it is a longer path that can be achieved. The basic need for VFX is technology and imagination; it has five categories in the VFX course, such as character animation, simulation FX, 3D modeling matte, Roto Scope, painting, composting, digital sculpting, and much more. All of these provide a gateway to a world of visuals and animation platforms to enter into different fields having huge scope of VFX in India.

For a young mind planning to enroll in the VFX course in Pune, Arena Animation Tilak Road is the best institute for you. The course designed assists you with extra knowledge and meets industry requirements. Some of the career opportunities open for you –

  • Layout Artist

You will be creating templates and transforming the script and storyboard into the visuals as a part of the pre-production and pre-visualization process.

  • Compositing Artist

You will ensure seamlessness between the live-action and the VFX. You will be merging visual effects with the background that gives no disturbance.

  • Lighting Artist

You will be illuminating the perfect amount of light for every scene. Understanding the behavior of visual effect lights with the real-world is essential.

  • Roto Artist

You will be tracing points and areas of CG meeting real life. It is a foundation for VFX, as these are the source point for the compositors.

  • Matte Painter

Turning references from photographs, sketches, and paintings into beautiful tapestries are the magic of Matte Painter.

From the perspective of today’s arena, visual effects play a very important role in featuring movies, animation, and almost all forms of big-screen entertainment. The Visual effects(VFX) is a demanding career which teaches you all feature of visual effects, their creation and including effects in films, advertisements, TV shows, games, etc. A career in VFX is the best choice for the aspirants who want to pursue visual technology as their career. VFX can be mainly used in different sectors, such as in the fields of mobile gaming, app development, advertisements, marketing, manufacturing, OTT, 3D printing, and in many more fields.

Work opportunities and scope of VFX are for related professionals and quality providers, which exists both in the private sector as well as in the public sector. It itself contains a huge capacity to make the future bright. While the scope of VFX is great in our country, based on the latest trend, it will rise steadily increasingly.

VFX industry has taken a significant leap in recent years and has been developing like a scalded cat. The industry has introduced another period of achievement for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry on our shores. VFX stands for visual effects, which refers to the methodology of creating imagery with the utilization of live activity captured with film making.  Marvel hits like Black Panther, Infinity War, and other hits such as Beauty and the Beast, Dead pool, and X-Men: Apocalypse is the examples of some fantastic creations produced with the help of visual effects. The kind of visual effects used in these movies also plays an essential role in alluring, creating a buzz about VFX.

To be eligible to secure jobs in the VFX industry, candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree or have pursued a certification program for the same. Besides this, candidates must also possess technical skills and a firm understanding of standard software tools of the industry, such as Adobe CS5, Mental Ray, Houdini, Nuke, and many others. These skills and educational qualification leads a person towards a successful career in the VFX industry. There is an availability of multitudinous jobs in VFX industry. Some essential job positions for which the candidates can apply are mentioned below:

  • You can work as a Layout Artist, who is a part of the pre-production and pre-visualization process in which layout artists are tasked with deciphering the content and storyboard and making layouts for how to move the content or storyboard into the visual medium.
  • As a Composite Artist, you will assign responsibility to the personnel to guarantee that the consistency between VFX and live-action undamaged, and if there are any visual disturbances, they must be removed.
  • A job of Lighting Artist is one of the most crucial job profiles in the procedure of film production. It expects the artisan to understand the functioning of lights and its contribution to the perfect storytelling method.
  • Even the job of Roto Artist is also quite tricky, but it is in high demand nowadays. It expects the employees to trace all those

VFX, also known as Visual effects, is the art of portraying the unrealistic and imagery creation manipulated to intensify any video or film. In simple words, you can understand it as the blending of the manipulated imagination with the real footage to generate realistic environments that are not possible to shoot in the live-action.

In Today’s world, there is nothing that one cannot re-create on screen with the help of computer technology. VFX or virtual effects refers to the procedure of creating or designing imagery live action captured via film making. The usage of these effects has become very important in our daily lives. It is used in almost every type of film, daily shows, TV production, and games, which requires a full set combination of creative and technical skills to detect small details. This process of creating visual effects is done in which digital images are created to enhance real-world footage that has been filmed with a video camera. Then it is being altered or changed accordingly for accomplishing live-action shooting.

These effects involve the video images and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic. In recent times, VFX is the most advanced technology that is being used in movies to give the desired scene a more realistic look. Visual effects involve the integration of live-action and imaginary videos to create a real atmosphere making it more dangerous, expensive, and impractical. This task of integration and combining your creative skills with technical skills requires a strong foundation and fundamental knowledge, which is possible only under expert guidance. Faculty at Arena Animation Tilak Road has insights and years of experience in mentoring VFX professionals, which makes us a leading institution offering VFX courses in Pune. The principal of the VFX includes: –

  • Matte painting,
  • Digital animation (involves a digital method of creation),
  • Compositing ( combining different visual elements from separate sources into a single image)
  • Simulation

The art of performing visual effects is done with various software or tools. Some of the most famous softwares are:-

  • 3ds Max (3D Studio Max)’09,
  • Adobe Creative
  • Suite 4 Master Collection,
  • Blender,
  • Digi Cel FlipBook,
  • E-on’s Vue 7 xStream,
  • Luxology’s Modo 302,
  • Maya’09,
  • Pixologic’s Z Brush 3.1.

The process of creating visual effects is quite a challenging and technical task. Teams are large and very diverse, which means there are opportunities for all types of people ranging from hardcore coders to illustrators and non-artists who like managing teams. Everyone plays a crucial role in producing the final visual effects, and we have listed some of the most common creative and technical roles below to help you understand where your mind fits it best. There are plenty of jobs available to people in the visual effects industry. For those of you interested in the more creative and technical roles, there are definitely some critical skills you should focus on early in your training. India is a country that is currently well-positioned in the world in the VFX industry. This is due to the presence of the latest technology and equipment, which is now readily available at affordable rates, which in terms makes it more comfortable to start a company.

Due to this reason, the number of visual effects studios is coming up everywhere. If one is thinking of making a career in VFX will be proven a rewardingly satisfying option for young minds, and the job opportunities in the VFX industry are many. However, there has been seen a lot of aspiring VFX artists who might get confused between the different roles offered in the VFX industry in India. VFX has proven a boon to our country giving a plethora of Career Opportunities and designations as – Layout Artist, Compositing Artist, Lighting Artist, Rendering Artist, Roto Artist, Matte Painter, and Match Mover Artist.

VFX Courses are suitable for students looking for a creative professional life in the advertising for the animation industry. VFX and animation program gives the student an opportunity to showcase their creative skills through different mediums like animation visual tools, and graphics. It opens up numerous lucrative job opportunities in various sectors of the entertainment industry.

During 3-year full-time VFX course students are taught about the different aspects of graphics designing, visual effects, animation, game designing, cartoon character designing, etc. During the course, candidates develop skills of using advance visual tools and software that help them in creating high-quality animation that is used in television shows, advertisements, movies or games. They also gain a comprehensive technical knowledge of the various steps involved in the creation of animated characters from scratch. These tools and methodologies are also used to develop graphics for web pages.

Course Details

There are different types of VFX courses that are suitable for students as well as professionals. The duration of the course can vary between 2 months-3 years depending upon the type of the program. Full-time undergraduate courses are mostly of 3 years students have the option choose between programs like 3D animation and visual graphics, animation, and VFX, gaming and VFX, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

Students seeking admission in full-time VFX Courses should qualify class 12 board exams in any stream from a recognized academic board of the country with at least 60% marks. Candidates who have passed class 10 board examinations are eligible for enrolling in short term courses like diploma in VFX, professional programming in VFX, certification in VFX, etc. Institute conducts an entrance examination for short listing candidates seeking admission in full-time courses.

Subjects taught in a full-time VFX course are 2D animation, character modeling and rigging, video editing and compositing, portfolio developments, digital methodologies, movie merchandising, color sensing, render layer, etc.

Career prospects

Over the years VFX and animation have gained immense popularity and now there are good opportunities for skilled individuals in this field. Students proficient in using advanced tools and methodologies used in creating VFX content are in huge demand in sectors like media and news, production houses, advertising companies, film industry, TV channels, etc

Typically VFX expert who is starting his professional career can expect to get anywhere between to 2-5 lacs per annum depending upon his capabilities. Working professionals who opt for certificate courses also get a significant hike in their pay package. Candidates to have successfully established themselves in this industry can earn up to 10 lacs per annum.

Highlights of VFX course in Arena Animation

Arena animation is known for offering a complete course of VFX that includes the fundamentals and methodologies of animation.  They prepare students to work with the latest tools and applications used for the creation of VFX content.

Following are the key highlights of the course

  • Students are trained under experienced faculties
  • Sufficient practical training in modern software and techniques
  • Career-oriented course
  • Placement assistance for every student
  • Loan facilities
  • Free access e-Learning platform, and Carousel.

Join VFX Course in Arena Animation Tilak Road, Pune today and give your aspirations the right path to success. Here you will learn all the skills necessary to become industry-ready.

All of us have enjoyed sketching our favorite cartoon characters and superheroes. Every time we made a sketch, an animated character would be playing in our minds. Now it is possible to breathe life into those drawings with the help of animation and VFX Training Institute. Now your childhood dreams of creating your own animated characters can become a reality.

Behind every cartoon or animation film that we watch, there are hours of complex processing, sketching, and editing to make it look flawless on the screen. It takes a team of qualified animation experts and professionals to create these interesting characters.If sketching and drawing are your passion and you always wanted work around creative and colorful stuff, then you can opt for animation courses provided by Arena Animation at Tilak Road in Pune.

Following are some of the key points that aspiring candidates must keep in mind while seeking admission in any courses of Arena animation.

  • Candidate should complete 10 + 2 you in any stream from a recognized academic board.
  • Undergraduates, as well as Graduates in any stream,  are eligible to enroll themselves.
  • The short term courses can be e take in flexible time is suitable for working professionals.

Duration of the courses:

The duration of the VFX Training Institute courses ranges between 2 to 5 months based on the subject selected. Classes are held 2 for 2 hours every day, three days a week.

Arena Animation offers animation courses at very affordable prices. The course fee ranges from 25 to 80000 rupees. Special loan facilities are also available for students who choose to take one.

In every course the candidate it’s taught about the fundamentals of advanced two dimensional and three-dimensional graphic and animation.

Courses offered by Arena animationTilak Road:

  • Animation
  • Gaming/ AR-VR
  • Web and graphics
  • Digital designing and marketing
  • Multimedia
  • Broadcast
  • Animation VFX and gaming

The short term courses at Arena Animation Tilak Road comprises of:

  • VFX and post-production
  • Web design and development
  • Animation
  • Design and visualization
  • Architectural design and visualization

Long term courses include:

  • Web designing
  • Broadcast media design
  • Advanced visual effect
  • Graphic design
  • Composting
  • Rot scope
  • 3D modeling with Maya
  • 3D modeling with max
  • 3D animation in design
  • Rigging
  • Lighting and rendering
  • Texturing

Here are some of the benefits of the courses that are being offered at Arena AnimationTilak Road:

  • Every course is designed to make the students’ industry-ready. You are assured of getting quality placement after completing the VFX Course in Pune.
  • You get the best practical training using the most advanced tools and software used in animation and VFX.
  • The faculties have adequate knowledge of experience and provide the students with the best possible guidance.
  • Students have access to creosouls platform students of Arena animation get an opportunity to showcase their portfolio.

If you have got a creative mind and are passionate about your work, then wait no more and enroll yourself to get mentored by some of the most experienced professionals in Arena Animation – VFX Training Institute.

Growing up as a child, we all have loved that arrangement period where our faculty used to take us to show us the animated cartoon mythological movies. For many dreamers, that was the place where their journey to the VFX and animation industry started. Just like animation, the VFX industry is also bursting at the seams. However, one should know that both animation and the VFX are entirely different terms and have their own dimensions. If you are a new aspirant, dreaming of making your name in the industry, then you definitely need to be enlightened about both the terms. The animation is related to 3D and 2D.  Modeling, Sculptor, Rigging, Animator, Match move, EFX are some of the departments in the 3D field. Talking about the VFX, we have departments like Rotoscope, Compositing, and Paint along with special departments like motion graphics, Story Boarding, and Matte Painting.

As a young mind, you need to get yourself enrolled in the VFX course, and if you are looking for the VFX course in Pune, Arena Animation is all that you need for your bright future. As a VFX professional, the career options open for you are enumerated below –

  • Layout Artist

A Layout Artist you will be taking the call of how the visuals will look eventually. It is a part of the previsualization process and the pre-production as you will be creating templates and transforming the script and storyboard into the visuals. From scene creation to camera angles, everything falls under this.

  • Compositing Artist

As a compositor, your job will be to ensure that there is a seamlessness between the VFX and the live-action. A single visual disturbance can ruin the entire game. It will be you who will be preventing the viewing experience by merging visual effects seamlessly with the background in a way that gives no distraction.

  • Lighting Artist

It is a very crucial role in the entire process of storytelling, not just in storytelling but in any film production. You will be responsible for illuminating the perfect amount of light to depict every scene crystal clear. Therefore, having an understanding of the behavior of the interaction of light with the real-world with the visual effects is essential.

  • Rendering Artist

Rendering Artists are the most demanding professionals in production houses and influential VFX studios. Their job is to transform 3D models in real world-visuals. It is highly technical and delicate, similar to the lighting artists. The only difference is that they are responsible for turning an idea to a high quality visual.

  • Roto Artist

As a Roto Artist, you will have to identify and trace all those points and areas where CG meets real life. It is quite a complicated and imperative task as it provides the foundation for VFX. These traces and framework are the beginning point for the compositors.

  • Matte Painter

Ever wondered about how such unconventional beauties and places are given life in VFX films? That’s the magic of the Matte Painter. A highly creative job of turning beautiful and magical tapestries by taking references from sketches, photographs, and paintings or the references can be from anywhere else as well.

  • Match Mover Artist

As a match mover, you have to ensure the seamless integration between the generated graphics and the movements, proportions, and the live-action footage to make it look natural. You have to an expert in both 2D and 3D as you will have to work in tracking movements and CGI.